How is Arkansas going to defeat the coronavirus? How are we as the people going to keep ourselves and our families safe from the covid-19 pandemic? . How are we going to keep our towns from turning into New York?

If you come across a copperhead or a rattlesnake in your yard, depending on how afraid of snakes you are, how will you act? As long as you can see the snake you know how to avoid being bitten. When it gets into the tall grass, he becomes a hidden danger.

Look at this like the medical field looks at it. This is a war. For every enemy we see or hear about, there is more than likely, 10 or 20 we do not see. We should treat everyone we come in contact with as if we are or are they are asymptomatic. But, what if that snake goes in to the tall grass outside your yard. Will you venture into the taller grass to watch that snake? Chances are the answer is, NO.

Covid-19 is like that snake, in the grass. We cannot see it and the danger is much greater than the snake. Dr Anthony Fauci recommends we err to the side of caution in everything we do. 

President Trump, along with his coronavirus experts, are asking us to practice social distancing. Stay at home whenever we can. Only go into public places when we must. To beat this pandemic, to slow it down, we must do our part to achieve a speedy outcome.

The experts advise us to keep a distance of six feet or greater from each other. To cover our nose and mouth with some type of cover. If we have masks, use them.  Even a bandanna will slow the spread of droplets. 

As of April 3, there are only five states left that do not have a stay at home order. Arkansas is one of them. You can make the difference. Remember Smokey the Bear and his words about preventing forest fires. Same here, you are responsible for your health and those you come in contact with, and those you come home to.

When the Spanish Flu hit the U.S. In 1918, there was a young school girl who came home from school and did not know she was a carrier of the influenza virus (N1N1).

She lived the rest of her life knowing that she was the reason that her family all died. She was just a child. We are not children. How will we feel if we do not use the guidelines that have been given to us, to protect us, if we choose not to follow them, and we take this virus home to our family members and some of them die?

Remember this and make sure you and others believe it. Look at the small towns who have spiked with virus cases. One person goes to a funeral, wedding or even grocery store, etc. unknowingly being exposed to covid-19, returns to his home town. That person has just started a new area that now has the virus. Everyone that person has had contact with is now a potential carrier of the virus. 

Please do not go into the tall grass looking for the snake. We the people of Arkansas, need to stay home except for when we need, not want, the things we have to have.

— Richard Curry

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