I want to express my gratitude to some very kind and hard working citizens in your wonderful city, De Queen.

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, I was traveling back home, driving from Bentonville, Ark. headed back to Louisiana. I had been visiting a friend and his family after the Christmas holidays.  

My family was concerned about me making the nine-hour drive from Louisiana to the Bentonville area in my older model 2001 Ford F-150. I assured them I would be ok! The trip up to Arkansas was remarkable and without any trouble! 

I was not so fortunate on the return trip home. While driving through the mountain areas, my battery light came on and only by the grace of God did I make it out of the mountains when my truck finally shut down — and on top of that, my keys ended up being locked in my truck...thank God I was in your city when my truck finally shut down.

Around 10 a.m., I phoned Bill’s Locksmith via an internet search for pop-a-lock, and left him a message to call my cellular! Bill called back right away and said he was on his way. Bill arrived shortly thereafter and in no time I had my keys; however, I still needed a mechanic to change my truck alternator so I could get back home for Near Years Eve.

Bill assisted me again and called Jorge Rivas’ Garage... Bill told Jorge my predicament and soon thereafter Jorge arrived with his wrecker and towed my truck back to his shop! Jorge and his wife, Donna, got me back on the road in record time after Jorge changed my truck alternator!! I asked Donna what they were doing for New Year’s Eve and she said the her and her husband would be working to get cars fixed for their customer(s). What a great family run business!

That night, to my surprise, Bill texted me to check and see if I made it home ok!!! I responded and thanked him again for all of his assistance!! 

Bill and the Rivas family are wonderful caring and hard working people and are a credit to your city and all of Arkansas!! 

Kyle P Manceaux, Youngsville, La.

God bless and Happy New Year to all of you!

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