Awards for the 2018-19 school year were presented at the annual end of the year De Queen sports banquet.


Boys Soccer 

All State: Kevin Villeda, Edward Garcia, Geovany Salgado

All Conference: Jose Martinez, Alejandro Lerma, Sebastian Bahena, Diego Hernandez, Gilberto Delgado, Jampiere Flores, Adolpho Ortiz 

Most Improved: Stevie Rodriguez 

Most Goals: Alejandro Lerma

Most Valuable Player: Edward Garcia 


Girls soccer

AII State: Sara Victoriana, Jooana Guerrero, Miryana Rafael

AII Conference: Abbygail Ponce, Kenya Martinez, Yasmelin Gonzalez, Cristal Cuadra, Dennise Tellez, Yatzari Dominguez

Outstanding Defender: Abbygail Ponce

Outstanding Midfielder: Jooana Guerrero

Lady Leopard MVP: Sara Victoriano

Most Goals: Sara Victoriano

Lady Leopard Pride Award: Daniela Salazar

12th Woman Award: Natalie Martinez    

Most Improved: Catherine Ousse


Boys track and field

2019 Sr.High 

Boys Track Awards

AII State: Malik Beasley, Hector Hernandez,  Kevin Villeda, Anthony Sanchez, Miguel Diaz

All Conference: Hector Hernandez, Mack Carver, Dailey Nickerson, Asael Sanchez, Alejandro Lerma, Kevin Villeda, Malik Beasley, Richard Angeles, Miguel Diaz, Alex Ramirez

Outstanding Sprinter: Alex Ramirez

Leopard Pride Award: Hector Hernandez 

Outstanding Distance: Hector Hernandez

Outstanding Field Event: Malik Beasley

Mr. Versatility: Dailey Nickerson

Outstanding Newcomer: Miguel Diaz

Most Improved: Giovanny Felipe, Davin Burgess


Girls track and field

All Conference: Jera Cotten, Josilyn Sanchez, Ashlyn Chambers, Ashley Dykes, Sidney Casteel, Pamela Delgado, Maddie Martin, Emma Vance, Heidy Galvan, Elise Dean, Abigail Barker, Josie Burke, Kimberly Delgado  

All State: Ashley Dykes, Sidney Casteel, Ashlyn Chambers, Josilyn Sanchez, Josie Burke

Hardest Worker: Ashlyn Chambers, Ashley Dykes 

Senior Dedication Award: Chasity Franco, Kaitlyn Floyd, Haley Manasco

Team First: Dania Castillo  

Distance Runner of the year: Heidy Galvan

Sprinter/Hurdler of the Year: Josie Burke

Lady Leopard Track Athlete of the year: Ashley Dykes

Most Improved: Maddie Martin, Xochitl Florez

Appreciation for hard work and dedication to team: Alicia Salazar, Crystal Alarcon, Jazmin Sanchez, Jennifer Lagunas, Patricia Ramirez



Iron Leopard Award: Will Athey

Newcomer of the Year: Devin Boyles, Xander Worthey 

Most Improved Leopard: Gage Woods

Most Quality At Bats: Quinshaun Bennett-Hale

Defensive Player of the Year: Brennan Seymour

Pitcher of the Year: Mack Carver

Offensive Player of the Year: Benjamin Socash, Mack Carver

Leopard Pride Award: Brennan Seymour

Leopard Baseball Academic Excellence:

Gage Woods, Daniel Saldivar, Brock Patterson, Jafet Sotelo, Nathaniel Socash, Brennan Seymour, Brently Morris, Xander Worthey

AII Conference: Mack Carver, Brennan Seymour, Quinshaun Bennett-Hale, Benjamin Socash

All State: Mack Carver



Batting average: Lexy Taylor .456

Doubles: Lexy Taylor, Madison Runnels 6

Walks: Tatyana Tramble 18

Home runs: Lexy Taylor, Tatyana Tramble 6

On base percentage: Tatyana Tramble .571

Stolen base: Tatyana Tramble 14

Most wins: Lexy Taylor

Strikeouts: Lexy Taylor

ERA: Lexy Taylor

Unsung hero: Kynedi France

All Conference: Bailey Ward, Kinlee Runnels, Lexy Taylor, Madison Runnels, Tatyana Tramble, Sydney Hill

All State: Lexy Taylor, Tatyana Tramble 

All state tournament: Lexy Taylor


Girls Basketball

All Conference: Maddie Martin, Tatyana Tramble, Abby Dykes, Abby Ponce, Kennedy Winship, Josie Burke

All State: Ashley Dykes, Ashlyn Chambers

All State Tournament: Josie Burke


Boys Basketball

All Conference: Weston Harp, Davin Burgess

Defensive Player of Year: Hayden Harp

Offensive Player of Year: Weston Harp

Overall Team MVP: Davin Burgess

Sixth Man: Logan Williamson

Most Improved: Kaison Gaylord, Will Athey

Leopard Pride: Kade Martin



All State, Most Valuable Player: Malik Beasley

All Conference, Offensive MVP: Mack Carver

All Conference, Offensive MVP: Marquez Ester

All Conference, Defensive MVP: Kade Martin

Special Teams MVP: Edward Garcia

Most Improved: Quinshaun Bennett-Hale

Leopard Pride: Alexis Luna

Iron Leopard: Colby Cowley


Trap Shooting

Marksman of the year: Dennis Peppers

Most Improved: Kaydee Cowling

Rookie of the Year: Jesse Power

Team first: Brent Carver

25/25 award: Ruby Peppers



All Conference: Jared Hickson

All Conference: Lauren Graham

Female golfer of year: Lauren Graham 



All American Cheerleaders: Hailey Gentry, Catherine Ousse, Skye Nickerson


Girls Tennis

All State: Alicia Salazar

Conference singles champion: Alicia Salazar

Most Improved: Anna Stinnett

Leopard Pride: Jennifer Lagunas

Honorable mention all conference: Kimberly Figueroa, Anna Stinnett


Boys Tennis

All State: Ian Garcia

All Conference: Jarel Gonzalez

Conference singles runner-up: Ian Garcia

Most Improved: Ian Garcia

Leopard Pride: Jose Romero



Boys Archer of Year: Shaylon Loyd

Girls Archer of Year: Amber Morris

Boys Most Improved: Dennis Peppers

Girls Most Improved: Sha’uri Esquivel

Boys Rookie of Year: Jafet Sotelo

Girls Rookie of Year: Lexi Hall

Boys Team First: Reed Renfro

Girls Team First: Kaydee Cowling


Boys Cross Country

Runner of Year: Hector Hernandez

Most Improved: Anthony Sanchez

Rookie of Year: Johnny Sanchez

Team First: Hector Hernandez

All State: Hector Hernandez, Asael Sanchez, Johnny Sanchez, Alejandro Lerma

All Conference: Hector Hernandez, Anthony Sanchez, Alejandro Lerma, Asael Sanchez, Johnny Sanchez, Christopher Alonso, Miguel Diaz, Alexis Hernandez


Girls Cross Country

Runner of Year: Heidy Galvan

Most Improved: Sara Victoriano

Rookie of Year: Abigail Barker

Team First: Natalie Martinez

All State: Heidy Galvan, Abigail Barker

All Conference: Heidy Galvan, Jacklyn Sanchez, Kenya Martinez, Joselin Sanchez, Sara Victoriano, Pamela Delgado, Xochitl Florez, Marlen Perez, Natalie Martinez, Catherine Ousse, Abigail Barker.

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