Wade Beasley

Horatio pitcher Wade Beasley 

Horatio pitcher Wade Beasley is now a professional. Beasley, who had signed a letter of intent with the University of Arkansas, chose the professional track instead.

Beasley signed a contract with the Milwaukee Brewers July 3. He is currently at the Brewers’ training facility in Phoenix, Ariz.

Turning pro was a difficult decision according to his mother, Toni. “He really wanted to attend the university,” she said. “He has always been a player that the more he pitches, the more he excels. The Brewers kept telling him he will get that time to do better. He made the decision about three days before he had to report.”

Beasely will spend the summer training in Arizona. “He will be there through the end of August. He’ll come home for a couple of weeks then go back,” Mrs. Beasley explained.

She admitted to having some motherly concerns. “I’m proud of my son. I want what’s best for him, but also I’m a mom,” she said. As far as the Beasley family, “We’re ecstatic. We think this is what is best for him.”

Horatio baseball coach Lance Spigner pointed out that Beasley broke new ground for the Lions. “This is the first one we’ve had to get drafted,” Spigner said.

“He took a lot of time with his family and advisers deciding whether to go to the U of A or sign with the Brewers. It was a tough decision. I know he really liked the university.

“We’re all very proud of him and excited that he’s got the chance to fulfill his life long dream.”

According to brewcrewball.com which tracks the players drafted by the Brewers, Beasley was drafted in the 24th round, the 275th player taken. He received a signing bonus of $257,500.


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