Randy Rodriguez

De Queen’s Randy Rodriguez, left, and Rodrigo Garcia cruise through the shady during Acorn’s junior boys race.

ACORN — After their first meet was cancelled, the De Queen cross country teams opened the season by winning three of four divisions a the Tom Stutherd Stampede at Acorn.

Senior Boys

The field offered no competition in the senior boys division. De Queen had 27 points. Following were: Acorn 73, Nashville 87, Mena 105, Waldron 131, Booneville 135 and Arkansas High 152.

Johnny Sanchez

Leopard Johnny Sanchez passes a water station on the course at Acorn.

For the Leopards Johnny Sanchez finished second over the 5K course in 19 minutes flat.

Gustavo Garcia was third in 19:10.1, Juan Maldonado fourth 19:16.0 and Carlos Aguilar fifth 19:34.6.

Cesar Cortes placed 13th with 21:25.1, Juan Balderas 14th 21:41.8, Manuel Soto 18th 21:54.4 and Jonathan Ortiz 22nd 22:37.3.

Jorge Delgado was 31st in 24:16.10, William Peppers 37th 25:05.6, Saul Felipe 43rd 26:47.5, Grayson Miller 48th 27:29.0 and Jordan Daley 53rd 28:38.6.

Senior Girls

De Queen’s senior girls were second with 51 points to Mansfield’s 38. Waldron had 65 and Acorn 77.

Jacklyn Sanchez was the first Lady Leopard across the finish line with a time of 26:55.8 to place eighth.

Joselin Sanchez was 12th 27:09.3, Laura Figueroa 13th 27:32.8, Adriana Montiel 14th 27:36.7, Jamielete Flores 15th 27:39.6, Allie Rodriguez 16th 27:44.4, Wendy Victoriano 17th 27:58.1 and Wendy Martinez 19th 28:46.9.

Emily Garcia finished 21st in 29:16.0, Alexa Monroy 22nd 29:39.4, Marlen Perez 30th 32:44.4, Yazmin Castro 34th 36:10.8, Leslie Garcia 38th 43:06.6 and Esmina Contreras 42nd 47:56.4.

Junior Boys

De Queen’s junior boys finished with 42 points.

Waldron had 59, Nashville 83, Mansfield 97, Acorn 108, Booneville 138 and Mena 190.

Randy Rodriquez took first over the 1.5 mile course in 9:20.0.

Rodrigo Garcia was third in 10:16.6, Jackeys Munoz sixth 10:28.1 and Adrian Martinez 12th 11:05.3.

Clint Tunnel placed 20th with 11:27.8, Edgar Villamil 25th 11:54.1, Larry Labra 28th 12:04.7, Caden Lindly 33rd 12:28.5, Daniel Perez 34th 12:34.4 and  Christopher Salgado 37th 12:46.2.

Carlos Villamil was 44th in 13:20.4, Julio Lopez 49th 14:14.4, Nathan Jacobo 50th 14:14.7 and Rusty Bermeo 51st 14:28.2.

Junior girls

The De Queen junior girls turned back a challenge from the host team with 49-53. Nashville had 69 and Waldron 79.

Jaden Valdez clocked 12:45 for third.

Megan Buendia was 10th in 13:35.2, Aiylene Hernandez 11th 14:02.6,Haile Hernandez 14th 14:25.4 and Haylee Mendoza 15th 14:33.1.

Geraldine Rafael placed 27th in 16:20.0, Mareli Melendez 29th 17:01.8, Marlene Tellez 31st 17:04.9, Jocelyn Luna 32nd 17:12.6 and Jennifer Fraire 41st 18:19.0.

Monica Macias was 45th with 20:11.6, Kyanna Angeles 46th 20:38.3 and Emmi Hales 49th 21:19.20.

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