It’s the calm before the storm for Arkansas high school football. The annual two-week dead period of no organized workouts is near the half way point. On July 8 teams are free to resume off season work.

At De Queen head coach Stephen Sloan and staff are doing maintenance work of the facilities, including some painting at the fieldhouse.

“The painting project is still in progress. I hope to get it finished soon,” said Sloan.

It may be bad for gardeners, but the astronomical amounts of rain since December have been very beneficial for Bill Blackwood Field at Leopard Stadium. The grass is greener and thicker than it has been at the end of June in many years. Very few worn areas from the soccer season remain. Sloan is hoping to make it even better. 

“We’re planning to spray the field and aerate it, then over seed it again,” Sloan said.


Horatio’s facilities appear to be in good shape at this time.

Lion head coach Robert Collum took advantage of June’s slow time to deal with a drainage problem. Collum said  a blockage that had gradually developed over the past rainy months and had water pooling under the home stands has been removed and water again flows freely out of the stadium.

The Lions have been doing weight work but Collum pointed out “June’s always a slow month. There are a lot of church camps and vacations. I’m anxious to get back after dead period and get more kids involved.” July should be busy for the Lions. They are set for 7-on-7 at Mineral Springs through July. They will be at team camp on July 23. There is also the possibility of a couple more team camps if all goes well.

“We’re just catching our breath and getting ready to get going in July,” he said.

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