ARKADELPHIA — De Queen athletic history was made at the 4AAAA conference cross country meet.

Senior Heidy Galvan ran the fastest 5K ever recorded by a Lady Leopard when she clocked 20:36.9 over the Ouachita Baptist University course at Arkadelphia to win the girls race Oct. 28.

The De Queen girls had a perfect score of 15. Hope edged Nashville for second 62-63. The first seven finishers were Lady Leopards.

Xochitl Florez claimed second with a time of 22:15.7. Joselin Sanchez took third with 22:21.4. Kenya Martinez finished fourth with 22:23.9. 

Jacklyn Sanchez ran 22:41.6 for fifth, Abigail Barker 22:54.6 for sixth and Marlen Perez 22:58.1 for seventh.

Natalie Martinez crossed the finish line in 11th place with a time of 23:51.5, Laura Figueroa 12th with 24:07.8, Sara Victoriano 13th with 24:47.6, Litzy Hernandez 15th with 25:17.1, Catherine Ousse 16th with 25:21.0, Wendy Martinez 17th with 25:22.2, Ashley Contreras 18th with 25:24.7.

Ariana Ortiz timed 25:37.5 for 20th, Emily Garcia 25:42.6 for 22nd, Liliana Hernandez 26:12.6 for 25th, Yasmelin Gonzalez 26:22.9 for 26th, Alicia Salazar 26:34.6 for 27th and Alexandra Salinas 26:44.7 for 28th.

Jazmin Sanchez placed 30th in 27:16.9, Jinnefer Lagunas 34th in 27:45.4, Kimberly Delgado 35 in 28:11.1, Hailie Alvarez 36th in 28:15.5 and Leslie Garcia 38th in 29:05.0. 

Yazmin Castro timed 29:31.2 for 40th, Janae Tirado 29:33.6 for 41st and Matilda Jacobo 30:01.1 for 43rd.

Senior Boys

The Leopards scored 22 points. Mena had 52, Hope 80 and Nashville 84.

The top 10 contained seven runners from De Queen. Miguel Diaz clocked 18:16.8 to finish second. Anthony Sanchez ran 18:20.4 for third and Johnny Sanchez 18:42.8 for fourth.

Gustavo Garcia was sixth in 19:08.2, Jampiere Flores seventh in 19:22.6, Carlos Aguilar eighth in 19:25.1 and Enrique Zapata 10th in 19:28.4.

Manuel Alvarez timed 19:48.7 for 13th and Alexis Hernandez 20:26.9 for 18th.

Ezequiel Gonzalez was 22nd in 20:54.0, Adolpho Barreto 23rd in 20:55.0, Caesar Cortez 25th in 21:14.9, Edward Sosa 26th in 21:17.7, Gerardo Monroy 27th in 21:18.5 and Leo Martinez 28th in 21:19.2.

Aldo Hernandez finished in 22:10.9 for 34th and Alan Villamil 23:06.0 for 41st.

Anthony Guerrero placed 54th with 24:12.9, Armondo Herandez 55th with 24:15.8, Saul Felipe 56th with 24:23.6, Jesus Campos 57th with 24:29.4 

Charles Wood ran 25:05.0 for 61st, Cash Buzbee 25:18.0 for 62nd and Allen Hong 26:51.6 for 63rd.

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