On Sept. 30, Gym Masters, a corporation that specializes in designing and refurbishing basketball courts across the nation, came to UA Cossatot to renew the college's basketball court. The project took only three days to complete, and the gym floor is now ready to be used as basketball season is set to begin.

Since UA Cossatot's basketball program is now a part of the NJCAA, UA Cossatot was prompted to refinish the old gym floor in the Bank of Lockesburg Gymnasium. The unsafe floor finish needed to be compliant with NJCAA regulations to compete within the association.

During the process of refinishing the gym floor, the most important aspect to the college was to preserve the heritage of the gym. Chancellor, Dr. Steve Cole said. "When we decided to do this, the first demand we had was to make sure we preserved the Blue Darter Mascot that was painted on the floor in 1986. We are having that painting memorialized on a round simulated floor piece where we can hang it in the gym, making sure that generations to come will know the history of the gym.”


Funds were raised to pay for the court refinishing through the UA Cossatot Foundation, and these generous donors will be noted on the floor. The main donor to the project, the family of Bruce and Sandra Jackson of Lockesburg, will be honored by UA Cossatot with the court's official name to now be called "The Jackson Family Court".

"Our college just keeps getting better and better, and we share this success with all of those who choose to donate to the college," said Cole. "We simply can't build something this special without the help of generous donors.”

The UA Cossatot Colts women's team will open up playing at home on Thursday, Oct. 31, at 6 p.m. and the men will open at home on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 6 p.m. 

According to Colts Head Coach Brad Phillips, "We will be playing the brand of basketball that fans will love. We will get up and down the floor and will show that we are ready to play at the NJCAA level. We hope we will be making more and more Colts fans at each game!" 

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