February 7, 1919

 There will be many suitable days in February for killing hogs and curing meat. Ask the County Agent for a copy of circular which gives the best methods to use.


T.A. Knight, the shoe man, is building an eighty-foot extension to his De Queen avenue store building, which will make the completed structure 140 feet long.

Mr. Knight’s business is growing to such an extent that he will require more room.


Cantaloupes will ramble over about 2000 acres down in the Horatio district this year. The acreage is more likely to go above than below this figure.


In the casualty list printed in the Sunday press report, among those mentioned as being slightly wounded are William J. Lemley of Cheatham and John C. Jamison of Gillham.


William F. Scarborough of De Queen, a graduate of the Bee office, is winning honors at the State University. He has recently been elected president of the freshmen class.


This is a good time to split enough wood for cooking purposes to last all summer. Fix up the porch and the fence around the house. Get flower beds ready for the front yard and build plank walks around the house that will be a comfort and will help keep the house clean.



February 10, 1944

Did’ja ever stop to think how many businesses and professions in De Queen are now managed by the so-called “weaker sex”? Let’s take a look around town. There’s Mrs. E.S. Byington, Mrs. Ray Lewis, Mrs. Alfred Dollarhide (Alfred hangs around after hours at Peek’s), Mrs. Bertha Mullins, Mrs. Eurby Hill, Mrs. Garnett Parker, Mrs. Rebecca Henderson, Mrs. W.M. Reves, Mrs. Gordon Mabry, Mrs. Ralph Pinnell (bus station), Mrs. Emory Allmond, Mrs. Helen Slater, Mrs. Nora Hendricks, Mrs. Mabel Bonds, Mrs. I.W. Matthews, Mrs. T.S. Barr, Misses Doris Latimer and Maurine Holt, Mrs.Estelle Lightfoot, Mrs. King Ebbert Doss, Mrs. Ola Meariman, etc., etc. (Of course we have overlooked somebody in this list, but if the draft board gets in a few more licks there MAY BE Mrs. Van Cornish, Mrs. Frank Gamble, Mrs. Donald Knight, Mrs. Kenneth Price, Mrs. Paul Downs, et cetera, et cetera).


There was a reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Cowling Sunday, Feb. 6. All five of their boys were at home: Roy of Ashdown, Lloyd of Portland, Rubert W. Cowling MM3-c, Grover W. Cowling MM1-c, Ernest E. Cowling MMI-c, of the U.S. Navy. The three latter have been stationed at Camp Peary, Va. and are now at home on a ten-day furlough.


Mr. and Mrs. John Emerson of Lockesburg, gave a birthday dinner Sunday honoring their son, Woodrow, and their pastor, Rev. O.C. Robinson. Long tables were set in the yard, and 120 guests were present.


Misses Clyta and Doris Gore had as their dinner guests Sunday Misses Ella Beth Gore, Garland and Perrylene Simer, Leon Gore, Therold Walls of Stringtown and Miss Fay Hamby of Lone Oak.


Miss Bonnie Dell Perry is spending this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.V. Perry. Miss Perry was graduated from Sparks Memorial Hospital in Fort Smith Feb. 2. She will leave De Queen Feb. 17 for Richmond, Calif. where she will be industrial nurse for the Kaiser Ship Yards.



February 6, 1969

Four of the county’s major streams overflowed Jan. 29 causing flooding that resembled a carbon copy of last May’s disastrous inundations.

Although Cossatot, Rolling Fork and Saline all crested Thursday morning approximately three feet below last May’s record, damage from the rather sudden flood was still considerable.


There will be any number of “firsts” at the new De Queen General Hospital, but there wasn’t any fooling around about the first baby to be born there.

Mrs. Dorsey Betts, wife of the city manager, presented her husband a boy before the nurses had a chance to learn their way down the various halls. He’s Michael Allen, 6 pounds, 13 ounces and debuted at 4:34 p.m. Monday.


Mrs. Helen Ivy, who has previously taught in the local school system, has been named to complete the spring term as public school music teacher.

She was named by the board of education at its monthly meeting Monday night. She succeeds Karen Green, resigned.


The pole-peeling department at the Dierks Treating Plant, the sawmill department at Dierks and the De Queen and Eastern Railroad schedules are all victims this week of flooding last week.

The Dierks Treating Plant pole-peeler department is not operating due to a pole shortage which, of course, is a direct result of hauler’s inability to get into the woods and haul poles into the plant.

The sawmills at Dierks and Wright City are down because of the shortage of railroad chip cars. The D&E schedules were curtailed while repair work takes place in Oklahoma on Lukfata Creek.

A combination of lost wages, costs of repairing washed out roads and bridges, and inconveniences makes the flood of January, 1969 comparable to the devastation of last spring, company officials say.


Another “first” for new De Queen General Hospital was recorded at approximately 2 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3 when Dwight Reid Helms, 15, of Lockesburg, underwent emergency surgery for appendicitis. Operating doctors were Dr. Jim Balch and Dr. Eguene Joseph. The nurse was Miss Margaret Lawton, CRNA.



February 10, 1994

The Horatio School Board made several staff changes during the regular monthly meeting Tuesday night.

The board accepted the resignation of Alice Tatum as second grade teacher effective immediately.

In a related matter, the board voted to hire Gayla Youngblood as a second grade teacher for the remainder of the school year.

The board voted to hire Tina Braden as a high school math and science teacher for the 1994-95 school year.

The board also voted to rehire principals Bob France, Lucretia Walker and Rodger Click for the 1994-95 school year.


On Monday, Jan. 31, Dan Caldwell and Chester Corbell were recognized for their outstanding service to agriculture as members of the Sevier County Community Committee and County Committee for the Agriulture Stabilization and Conservation Service Office.

Corbell has been associated with ASCS, serving on the county committee and the community committee for a total of 18 years.

Caldwell was recognized for 35 years of service on the community committee and county committee.


The Lockesburg junior Darters have posted a 19-4 record so far this season, including winning the Caddo Hills Junior Tournament and the De Queen Junior Invitational Tournament. Members are Gary Revels, Kelly Walker, Jamie McElroy, Matt Harrison, Clint Wray, George Webb, Ray Jordan, John Michael Hubbard, Bryan Clay, Jason Dorsey, Lamont Whitfield, Anthony Green, William Cunningham, Blake Martz, Chris Turner, C.J. Gates and Ted Kitchens. Coach is Warren Bane.


The Lockesburg City Council voted Tuesday evening to purchase a fire truck from the federal government surplus equipment program for a price of $4,000. It will be used as the city’s “first out” truck on rural fires and “second out” vehicle on fires in town. 

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