100 Years ago

November 12, 1920

Some years ago the Presbyterian ladies of De Queen published a cook book that achieved popularity at once. The demand was greater than the supply and ever since the book was published there have been request for additional copies. Those in use have been nearly worn out. The ladies have decided to get out another book and preparation of the copy is now in progress. The new book will now contain many home recipes heretofore unpublished, and parties desiring one should make early application.


The Bee is prepared to take orders for engraved Christmas cards. We have a fine line of samples. To insure that you will get your choice, order early. Many late orders last year could not be filled because to stock was exhausted.


Mining activity has been resumed in the Mena mining field. The Longmont Copper Company has started new work on its holdings on the Little Missouri and will likely ship ore. The Texarkana Mining Company is installing a crusher and mill at its manganese holdings southeast of Mena and expects to be shipping ore within a short time.


5-room modern house, hall and bath, within 2 blocks of business district, large corner lot. Best located property in De Queen. The cost is way below real value and on good terms. Here is your chance to get a modern house cheap. Write or call at once. Stuart Land Company, Inc.


On another page of this issue of the Bee Manager Middleton of the Grand Theatre makes some interesting comparisons, showing that the American dollar has not depreciated in buying power if spent at the box office of the Grand Theatre. Mr. Middleton’s comparisons are logical and well worth reading. Most of us can remember the good old days of a 1-reel drama, a news weekly and a split reel comedy and scenic which went to make up the three reel show that we were permitted to view for the price of a thin dime. Anyone who attended the movies in those days can thoroughly appreciate the statements in Mr. Middleton’s ad when he says: “Three times as much and 10 times better show.”


Large attention and greater enthusiasm than any previous gathering of the kind featured the meeting of the State Teachers’ Association at Little Rock last week. Over 4,000 were present at the meeting and a vast volume of constructive work was accomplished. In the election of officials the Association bestowed high honors on Sevier county, County Superintendent L. E. Quinn being chosen as vise-president and Miss Pearl Williamson as secretary of the Superintendent and Principal section.


75 Years Ago

November 15, 1945

While November 22 will be observed as Thanksgiving Day in some states, Arkansas will follow its regular custom and will take off on the last Thursday of the month which will be the 29th. Some federal agencies may take the 22nd as a holiday, but most big events and annual football games will be held on the 29th in this and some other states.


Earl Skinner, formerly of Lockesburg, has announced that work on his new motor and machinery building and repair shop on Rose Hill is nearing completion and the business will be opened on nest Monday, Nov. 19. The firm will be known as Skinner Implement and Motor Co., and will handle De Soto and Plymouth cars, International farm machinery and equipment, and parts and repairs for all trucks, cars and farm implements. Radios, washers and other appliances will be carried.


The County Health office has issued the following announcement state X-ray unit: “The county health nurse has now received a report on X-rays made by the Arkansas State Board of Health in September, 1945. Please contact your physician for your report. If you have been requested to have a larger picture, please contact your County Health Nurse for appointment. Dr. Hopkins’ patients are requested to see Dr. Kitchens for their reports.”


Army recruiting offices will be open every Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the county agent’s office, post Office Bldg., De Queen Capt. Clyde M. Livingston, commanding officer Texarkana Recruiting Station has announced. Men physically qualified and between the ages of 17 and 35 may enlist in the regular Army for 18 months, 2 or 3 years. Any veteran who has served for a period of six or more months may re-enlist for a one year period. Former non-commissioned officers have only until November 21st to re-enlist in permanent grade at the same rating held at the time of discharge. Other special benefits are due former servicemen including a $50 money bonus for each year’s service and a 90 day furlough with travel pay.


Donnie Jones, a senior in Gillham high school, was winner for this district including several counties in a poultry contest sponsored by the Future Farmers of America, and received a trip to Little Rock last week, where he was a guest at the annual state recognition banquet. The banquet was given by the Arkansas Chain Store Council. Donnie is the son of Lee Jones of Pullman community.


Plans for a $10,880,000 construction program for primary and secondary Arkansas roads during the first fiscal year of the three-year postwar federal-aid program were announced by the State Highway Commission Friday. The tentative program which mush be approved by the Public Roads Administration at Washington, will be financed by matching state and federal funds. Plans call for expenditure of $6,800,000 for primary road construction and $4,080,000 for secondary roads, with the view of closing gaps in existing highways and linking the state highway system those communities now without direct access, Commission Chairman W. Harold Sadler said. The proposed construction would extend from July 1, 1946 to June 30, 1947. 


The coroner’s jury, which resumed hearings Saturday morning in the death last Wednesday of Mrs. Helen Grubb, her son Tommy and her step-brother Clayton Jacobs, in a fire that destroyed the Grubb home, returned verdict of death as a result of fire unknown origin. The jury originally summoned by Acting Coroner Jack Thomas a few hours after the early morning fire, was excused and ask to resume hearings Saturday morning. Witnesses who were called to testify included Buddy Westbrooks, who told of going to the Grubb home about 4 a.m. and he said that the fire started and quickly spread over the building about 6 a.m. Westbrooks said Mrs. Grubb rushed to the stairway to the second floor room where to two boys were asleep and was trapped by the flames which he said apparently started around a stove near the stairway.


50 Years Ago

November 12, 1970

First “tournament” to be sponsored by the newly organized De Queen Bass club will be held Nov. 21, and will be a doubles affair. Dr. Jim Citty, president of the club, said there were presently 34 members, and will be limited to 50. That means 16 additional charter members will be accepted between now and Nov. 21. Next meeting of the group has been set for Dec. 7, at Hob Nob, at which time the Busch Bass Club of Texarkana will present the program. Purpose of the club has been announced as: 1. Increase the enjoyment of bass fishing. 2. Promote fellowship among members. 3. Make bass fishing a more productive sport through conservation and membership.


Saturday at Hwy 70-71 intersection netted $515.78 for the Sevier county Association for Retarded Children. De Queen Jaycees handed out cracker-jacks to contributors. Jerry Seitz, chairman of the road block operation, made a delivery. James Hall and Charles Angel were co-workers.


Game & Fish personnel set up a “stakeout” last week on the Richard Gage farm near Horatio for a black bear credited with killing a calf sometime Thursday night. Charles Rhodes, Sevier county game warden, and Kenneth McElhannon, district three supervisor, investigated the incident Friday morning after being informed by George Davis of the killing. Both men said tracks found in the stock pen in which the calf was killed made it appear “quite certain” that the animal was killed by a bear, probably around 250 pounds in weight. The 425-pond calf, penned with some other calves, was killed between midnight and 5 a.m., Rhodes said. It apparently was smothered, after which the ears and part of the head were eaten away. It was dragged some 35 feet from the stock pen. There had been no recent reports of a bear in the area, Rhodes said.


Motion for a change of venue was filed here Monday morning by Richard Mays, Little Rock attorney for Carl Wesley Dillahunty, 20, charged with first-degree murder. Dillahunty entered a plea of not guilty. Judge Bobby Steel set Thursday at 2 p.m. as time for hearing on the motion. It was one of three motions filed on be behalf of Dillahunty at his arraignment. The other, for preliminary hearing, was denied, as was motion for bail. Dillahunty is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death the night of Nov. 5 of Jefferson Hillary Hames, 18 year-old Horatio youth. Hames was dead on arrival at De Queen General the night of Nov. 5 of a gunshot wound to the head.


The most successful football season in 19 years came to an end for Horatio Friday night when the Lions massacred the Glenwood Tigers 61-8 in a non-district game to close out the 1970 schedule. Horatio jumped on the scoreboard early and led 26-0 at the end of the first quarter and was out in front 61-0 at halftime. Not wishing to run up the score any more than the embarrassing halftime margin, Coach Gary Moore switched his players around unfamiliar positions the second half.


Bid invitations for construction of embankment at Gillham dam are being issued for Nov. 18, it was announced today in Tulsa. A. B. Elias, resident engineer for the Gillham Project, said advance notice to bidders was being sent out today. Bid open is set for approximately Dec. 22. The work would involve approximately 550 acres of reservoir clearing, the placement of approximately 1,600,000 cubic yards of earth and rock fill, approximately 1750 feet of double-bituminous road, approximately 1300 feet of fencing and “incidental construction.” The approximate value of the contract was estimated roughly at between $1 and $5 million. Now some 65% complete, the new contract, it approved when bids are opened, would mean virtual completion of the project. Outlet works, diversion tunnel and spillway have already been completed. Only one major project remains-the building of the dam itself. 

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