Oct. 31, 1919

Ginners are urged to save situation. Are advised to shut down until the cotton is dried out. Many requests sent out by the Secretary of State Ginners’ Association.

W. A. Isgrig, secretary and treasurer of the Arkansas State Ginners’ Association, has sent 1,500 letters to the ginners of the state, urging them to see that the farmers do not pick their cotton while it is wet:

The letter follows: 

“We are facing a disaster! We can lesson it by prompt, firm and universal co-operation. If cotton is picked and ginned wet, the lint will bring $50 to $150 per bale less, and seed will be a total loss. Shut down your gin and urge your customers to not pick day cotton until clear weather comes and cotton thoroughly dries in the bolls.”


Following is the report made by Miss Jewel Le Fevre, County Home Demonstrator to the Quorum Court last week: “I have worked in every township in the county this year and have done work in all. There are some that I have had better results in than others. I have traveled 4131 miles in the car besides the trips I have made on the train and with buggy, when the roads were to bad to go in the car. We always make the trip to Round Top in Jefferson township in the buggy, have visited have visited 571 homes. Up to the last month’s report I have had 105 meetings. 

Some of these meetings were club meetings, others were community meetings and still others were demonstrations. The estimated attendance at these meetings was 4230. 


The Sevier County Farmers’ Advisory Council met at the court house last Saturday, In the absence of President Frank Ogden. Vice President G.F, Schroetet presided. Dr. G.L. Sands, president of the Farmers Union, delivered an address on Bonded Warehouses. At the close of the meeting steps were taken toward organization. It was decided to incorporate for $5,000, this figure being subject to change before completing organization. 


Walter Hadfield of Portland, Ore., lowered the Three-Flag motorcycle record to 51 hours and 22 minutes. This course has had more attention during the present year than any other of the great road contest. The record was established August 27, 1915, by ‘Cannonball” Baker and his Indian machine in 81 hours and fifteen minutes, on July 24, 1917, Roy Artley on a Henderson cut the record to 72 hours and 25 minutes. On August 26 the following year, Wells Bennett brought it down to 70 hours flat. This year the record has been slashed four different times.



November 2, 1944

Horatio, Nov1- Pvt. Luther E. Pettigrew, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pettigrew of Horatio, recently was awarded the Bronze Star medal for “heroic action under fire” in France, according to information received by hi parents. The citation told of his participating in the saving of the lives of 16 men, by helping remove them to safety under heavy gunfire. He is a member of a heavy weapons infantry unit.

The Mobile unit of the blood plasma project, which visited De Queen last Friday, received 53 donations of blood according to the committee in charge.


Farmers and other non-highway gasoline users are notified by the OPA that any “E” and “R” coupons, not serially numbered, will expire November 1 and may be exchanged for a valid ration currency ay their local rationing board. The expiring coupons can be identified by two points: First, they have no serial numbers, and second, they bear the capital letters “E” and “R” with no number after them. Currently valid coupons bearing numbers are lettered “E-1”, “E-2”, “R-1” and “R-2”.


With one of the most bitterly contested campaigns of many years drawing to a close this week, voters will go to the polls next Tuesday to re-elect a Democrat president or to throw out the president administration and install a Republican instead.

President Roosevelt is asking for a fourth term in order to bring the war to a successful conclusion and to help establish a lasting peace, but the Republican party has attempted to misdirect all the present administration has done and asks for another chance in the White House, after the debacle of the previous disastrous Hoover administrations from 1929 to 1932.

Throughout the nation the voters will decide the issue next Tuesday.



OCTOBER 30, 1969

The Tulsa district, Corps of Engineers, plans to award contracts in June 1970 for the construction of the embankment, spillway, outlet works and project buildings at Dierks dam and the Bellah Mine road in Sevier County at De Queen dam, both in Arkansas.

In making the announcement, Col. Vernon W. Pinkey, Tulsa district engineer, said his plans for Dierks and De Queen dams are based on a contract award schedule approved be chief of engineers to comply with the administration’s 75 per cent reduction order on all new construction starts. Colonel Pinkey said he also plans to award a contract for an access road and an overlook at Gillham dam, also in Arkansas, fiscal year 1971.


Single-lane bridges, long the bane of southwest Arkansas motorist, are gradually disappearing. Two road projects, currently underway, will eliminate the last of them on state highways 41 and 24. 


Loans from the Federal Land Bank totaling approximately $500,000 have been made to Sevier county residents, members of the De Queen Rotary club were told Friday noon. Fred Scotts, Texarkana office representative of the Federal Land Bank, was speaker at the regular weekly meeting of the club. Scotts said that in 10 southwest Arkansas counties, 400 loans totaling $8.5 million have been made.


Defense was the name of the game here Friday nightw. A reshuffled Leopard defensive alignment, leaning heavily to sophomores, kept all manner of pressure on Forman’s two speed merchants and the Leopards hammered out a 19-6 decision over the Gators.



October 31, 1994

Members of the De Queen City Council decided Tuesday evening that an emergency exists due to the poor mechanical condition of the city’s two fire trucks and voted on 5-1 to buy a new 75 foot ladder truck immediately.

Purchase price of the vehicle manufactured by the Smeal Company of Nebraska is $263,956. The new truck was kept in the De Queen fire station Tuesday night and was being rigged with the radios and equipment Wednesday morning. Ownership will be transferred to the city later this week but the truck can be used immediately if needed. The fire chief received basic instructions on the ladder operation and is authorized to use it in an emergency.


A bolt of lightning zapped radios used by the dispatcher in the Sevier County jail Friday morning but the smoke was cleared out before prisoners had to be evacuated.

Lightning struck about 7:40 a.m., just as dispatcher Johna Hice was finishing up her shift and dispatcher Carlene Behling was arriving for the day shift.

Hice said she heard the lighting and then saw smoke coming out of the main radio. Then I saw lines of smoke and it moved to the next radio to the right of it,” she said. 

A De Queen police officer called the phone about that time and she told him she needed help. She managed to push the button to encode the De Queen Fire Department but the encoder was taken out by the lighting. “There was a whole lot of smoke and the room filled up real fast,” she said. There were no flames , she added..


A suspect arrested on burglary warrants Wednesday afternoon will be charged with four additional break-ins, Sevier County Sheriff John Partain said Thursday. Alvin Tinkes, 35, was arrested at his mother’s home near Lockesburg Oct. 19 on warrants charging him with the burglary of the J.D. and Valerie Lott residence. 



October 31, 2009

Sweden-based Husqvarna, one of the nation’s leading chain saw manufacturers, announced late last week that it would cease assembly operations at it’s De Queen plant and combine the operations with it’s facilities in Nashville. The consolidation is expected to be conducted in stages over the next 12 months.


The Lockesburg and De Queen Schools held their first mass school clinic on Oct. 21, 22, and 23 and according to officials involved, the school vaccinations were a huge success. Over 1,700 students and staff in both schools were vaccinated for the seasonal flu. 

Students were also vaccinated for H1N1, also called the swine flu. Almost 1,400 children received an injection of H1N1 vaccine, though kids with health conditions such as asthma and diabetes were given the less invasive nasal spray version of the vaccine. The turnaround time was about 15 minutes, better than the officials had hoped.


De Queen won three of the four divisions at the second annual Caddo Hills cross country meet. Both De Queen senior high teams and the junior boys claimed first places.


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